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Contract Review and Drafting

Understanding the meaning of a contract -  how it can hurt, and how it can be improved - is critical for both businesses and individuals. We help create contracts that accomplish their intended purposes, look for red flags in current contracts, and assist with related negotiations.


Our Contract Services

Contracts can make you or break you. Be sure you know what you are agreeing to do before you sign. Further, businesses should develop contracts that are tailored to their own needs. Use a contract that does exactly what you want, not boilerplate off the internet that may not accomplish what you truly intend. We help with drafting and review of a broad range of contracts, including these examples: severance, non-competition and non-solicitation, confidentiality, employment contracts, a broad variety of work-related agreements, promissory notes, and master service agreements and other contracts with vendors and other third parties.


Creative. Strategic. Informed. Efficient.

Let’s get to work protecting your interests.

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