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HR Audits

Employers who simply guess what they ought to be doing are in for a few costly surprises. The firm reviews current practices and procedures, pinpoints weaknesses, and provides solid counsel about the ways to improve and correct problem areas.


Shouldn’t you know whether you are doing things correctly? Some laws apply based on size, other based on revenues, employee count, industry, or location. Elizabeth provides HR-legal compliance audits and supportive legal counsel to help you correct deficiencies and create the proper systems you need for discipline, recordkeeping, compensation, privacy, and other critical personnel structures.


Audits are Vital to Your Business

Audits of current policies, procedures, and actual practices are invaluable in maintaining smooth work relationships, preventing unnecessary conflict, and protecting the business and its people from legal claims. Audits are also useful in identifying potential problems rising from independent contractor and joint employment relationships and FLSA exemption classifications and pay practices.


Understanding the Laws

Job #1 for Texas employers is understanding the web of state and federal laws that prescribe how workplace should operate. Take a deep, serious look at your HR processes and supporting policies. What are you doing wrong? What are you overlooking entirely? An HR-Legal audit to assess what the business is doing correctly – and what it is not – can be worth its weight in gold.


Legal Compliance

Job #2 is applying advance planning for implementing compliance with those laws. That includes creating the supporting business policies and rules and providing training to be sure everyone knows what those are. Smooth working relationships allow the company to focus on its business, without the aggravation of disputes, ill will, and downright illegality that threaten the bottom line. 


Creative. Strategic. Informed. Efficient.

Let’s get to work protecting your interests.

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