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Services for Professionals and Executives

The firm guides professionals and executives through workplace conflicts that may result in job loss or other serious consequences, advising them of their legal rights and serving as coach and advocate. The firm also educates such employees about the meaning of contracts they have signed or plan to negotiate.


High Level Coaching

Even highly educated, successful people sometimes hit an unexpected rough spot that may damage their career trajectory. Many individuals have lucrative positions and professional reputations to protect. Elizabeth provides high level coaching behind the scenes for those professionals and executives. The firm works with professionals and executives as they wend their way through problematic situations at work (including potential serious discipline and demotions), providing explanations of the applicable legal framework, assisting with drafting correspondence and responding to requests for information, and dealing directly with employer representatives as needed.


Contract Negotiations

Elizabeth helps professionals and executives understand what they are agreeing to before they sign contracts. (Knowing the perils before you sign is critical!) If the proposed contract or other offer is unacceptable, she helps negotiate with employers (or prospective employers) over acceptable revised content and other upgrades. She regularly assists with a broad variety of contracts, including severance, relocation, compensation, bonus, non-competes, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements.

As highly skilled professionals move from one job to another, questions about the impact of previously signed non-competes and other restrictive agreements often arise. Elizabeth helps with interpreting the agreements in place and assessing their impact on the new position under consideration and assessing options to overcome obstacles.


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