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Investigations serve the twin purposes of satisfying legal responsibilities and understanding, as best you can, what really happened. Elizabeth provides experienced support in planning and conducting investigations covering the broad variety of conflicts that develop in busy workplaces.


Getting the facts nailed down is important in most contexts and absolutely critical in many workplace scenarios. Livelihoods can depend on reaching accurate conclusions. 


Investigations Lead to the Truth

Well done investigations help ensure that an employer satisfies its legal duties under the numerous laws governing the workplace. Most importantly, investigations lead to the truth, giving management a solid basis to determine what really happened and take appropriate action to put the business in the best position to keep work flowing smoothly and to defend legal claims. Correctly performed investigations help an employer to put its best foot forward under the spotlight of audits and agency investigations, as well as under the skeptical scrutiny of jurors and judges. Though some scenarios do not allow a determination of the truth - "what - really happened" - with 100% certainty, using optimal approaches and deciding what evidence to collect can get you as close as reasonably possible.


Complex Scenarios

Elizabeth directly develops and conducts investigations where use of an “outside” investigator meets the employer’s needs. Such services are particularly useful in “high potential” or complex scenarios or where external objectivity is required. Elizabeth is also available to conduct investigations in place of an employer’s usual trial counsel to avoid disqualifying regular counsel.

In addition to conducting investigations herself, Elizabeth regularly assists employers behind-the-scenes with planning of investigations, responding to complications as they arise, and with choosing and implementing the final resolution.


Creative. Strategic. Informed. Efficient.

Let’s get to work protecting your interests.

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