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Employee Handbooks and Policies

Handbooks are valuable tools for meeting legal obligations, setting standards, and answering a lot of recurring questions in one place – all of which lead to less workplace conflict. The firm specializes in creating tailor-made handbooks.


Make Sure Your Handbook is Up to Date

Is your handbook up to date and a good tool for the company, or is it out of date and shooting you in the foot? Large or small, virtually every company needs a well drafted, up-to-date employee handbook. In today’s business world, handbooks serve as a sword to carve out the employer’s legal rights and as a shield against overreaching and allegations arising from miscommunication and inconsistency.


Too often, businesses forgo policy manuals because they don’t want their “hands to be tied,” but a properly drafted manual preserves company discretion, while crisply setting out company expectations and commitments and helping to establishing that the company intends to manage its affairs lawfully and fairly. 


Is Your Handbook Meeting the Needs of Your Business?

Manuals can and should be personalized to each business’s unique needs and challenges, not cookie cutter models that are neither tailored to the size and needs of that particular business, nor drafted with local or state laws taken into account. (Where you conduct business matters!)


If you cannot stand the thought of a handbook, every business still needs a minimal set of HR policies to keep itself out of hot water. (Think safety, wage and hour, and EEO topics for starters….) From time to time, employers also need to implement temporary, special purpose policies We help draft those policies to accomplish their intended purposes in a lawful way.


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Let’s get to work protecting your interests.

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